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  1. Hey Moe, the difference is essentially that number 4 is an investor providing funds for the down payment for an equity stake in the property and number 5 is a private lender providing a loan for the down payment. The reason number 5 is questionable is because you would then be 100% leveraged and if you are trying to buy a cash flowing property this would be next to impossible once you factor in 100% financing and the down payment portion at private mortgage rates of 8-15% depending on the scenario and property.
  2. Hey Alex, this is a pretty broad question, but yes it can. I would get hyper focused on IG these days, however, since it's very over crowded.
  3. Hey Karim, yes, we offer private labeling as well custom formulations. You can find more information on the website: https://synergyprivatelabel.com/
  4. Hey Quinton, thanks for the question. I see 5 options for this situation: 1) save your money until you have enough for a down payment. 2) wait until you can refi if there is enough equity to pull to fund the down payment on the next one. 3) sell your current deal to fund the next one. 4) partner with someone that has the money for the down payment/purchase price. 5) get a private for the down payment/purchase which I advise against especially now. Which option you go with totally depends on the current property you have and the next one you want to purchase.
  5. Hey Rob, thanks for the question. Banks will always consider your personal financial situation including your credit score. However, I find the more your portfolio grows the less it matters and the less you want it to matter because you cannot scale real estate based on your personal income. When buying a SFH in your personal name they will take your credit score, income, etc. into account. When buying a SFH in a corporation they will take these into account to a lesser degree at the start, but also consider the income or potential income said property will produce and base their LTV on the income it produces. Something to keep in mind when buying real estate in you personal name outside of a corp the rates and terms will be more favourable. When buying in a corp you will see higher rates, shorter terms, and lower LTV, but the liability is greater and the your personal situation will be better off. Best is to find a lender that will loan to a corp at residential rates a not currently have a residential mortgage limit, which most do. Hope that helps!
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